Blucher Oxford-Khaki Cumberland-Leather Outsole w/Goodyear Neolite Heel

A Maine tradition and known by many names, the Blucher Moc can be traced back to the early 1900's and has been carried through generations of brands and makers ever since. We think ours is the best, the cut back plug is perfectly laid out to allow comfort right out of the box, while still allowing some snugness to account for stretch over time.

Each stitch is sewn by a craftsmen or women with over 20 years experience making footwear. True moccasin construction allows a shoe to wrap, shape, and mold to your foot and will only get more and more out of it the longer you have and wear them. The vamp and kicker are hand sewn by awl and needle, not prepunched like 90% of other boat shoes you find. This allows the shoe to be crafted onto the last, and the handsewer uses their skill to adjust and fit the shape, so that each shoe starts out a bit different, and ready to take the shape of your foot.

Upper constructed from Khaki Cumberland Roughout leather. Tanned at Tasman in Heartland Maine. 

12 Iron leather midsole

Goodyear Neolite Rubber Heel for traction

Littleway construction 

Waxed Cotton Laces- Made in OH & Leather laces tanned in KY

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