Maine Mountain Moccasin- Made To Order 

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The Process.

We started this brand as a purely MTO company. We took orders, and made them as they came. This helps keep the cost of inventory manageable and enables us to just make as many shoes as we need to keep up with orders. As time has gone on we've shifted to meet consumer needs and expectations by having in-stock inventory every season. That way people can try a pair before MTO, get to know their sizing, and/or receive a pair quickly.  If you are looking towards making your own pair, and taking advantage of putting your ideas down to reality, then this is the process for you. 


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Lead Time. 

Perhaps the most difficult and frustrating part of MTO is the lead times for customers, and us having to estimate. Currently our lead times are 4-6 weeks. This can increase or degrease depending on a number of things. Please contact us to see what your MTO will be as far as estimated lead time, and please go into this process understanding that we are a small workshop and delays do happen. 


Leather & Sole Options

We source from what we consider as the best suppliers in the industry. Most of our leathers come from Horween, Seidel, and Tazman. All made in the USA

Our outsoles are from Vibram, Meramec, and Bazflex (Canada). 

The list's linked below reflect what we currently have on hand for available leathers. Working from this list greatly decreases production lead time, because if we need to go outside to order we can expect anywhere from 1-4 months wait time for material to arrive. The lists are ever changing depending on what we get in or have left from larger production runs.

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Patterns, Sizing, and Customization

All of our patterns are made by us, in house. We've come a long way since our early days and our patterns have really improved. Our standard sizing is D width, and we possess the ability to customize a last from B-EEE widths if necessary. The first step is getting a tracing of your foot, following the guidelines contained in our

After initial sizing, we can then build up the last to accommodate all sorts of widths, insert needs, and foot specific changes people require for a comfortable fit. 


To order,  choose one of the styles below (more are on their way or feel free to email us if you see something not represented below.) Pick either Mens or Womens from the drop down, and pick a size closest to your normal shoe size. Next add the product to your cart and you will be directed to a form that contains all the details for your special make up. If at any point you have questions don't hesitate to email us,

Welcome to your new favorite pair of shoes or boots!