Introducing Maine Mountain Moccasin

Maine Mountain Moccasin_Final Logo_green.png

Branding Change

We started New England Outerwear wanting to offer a complete menswear brand, head to toe. What we ended up doing was starting a footwear factory from scratch. For years we tried to fit a square peg in a round hole by pushing to make it happen, while still tackling the nearly insurmountable task of operating a footwear shop in the USA. A number of changes over the past year have pushed us to think hard about who we are, our identity, and where we are going. We are a footwear brand first and foremost. We've realized we don't have to be everything to everyone. Maine Mountain Moccasin is us, it's all we are and all we want to be. We craft handsewn shoes, using true moccasin construction. Sounds pretty straightforward right? It's time for the brand to reflect that. Thank you for your years of support and we hope to continue for many more. 

Read more about the progression of the brand in this indepth interview with owner & creative director, Dan Heselton here

We are really excited to continue to deliver some great hand crafted footwear to you, with even better patterns, options, and superior customer service experience. 

Dan Heselton