Beaded Doobie Boot for Dr Collectors...

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Olivier and Teddy through our mutual friend Brendon. Their brand immediately stood out to me as a completely unique take on some classic denim styles, drawing inspiration from a variety of places, and creating a great look that can fit in to many peoples individual style. This boot started as a sketch, and transformed into one of the most interesting projects we've done to date. Olivier wanted to make a beaded boot based on a new style we had developed called the Doobie Boot. 

The inspiration for this boot comes from 1960's backpacking hippies traveling across the United States at the time. They would all wear boots like this, in the style of a Wallaby or similar footwear. The name is a play on the time in history, we wanted this to be a fun boot, not too serious. 

When approaching this boot and the style for Dr. Collectors, we needed to create a side panel that fringed out, along with leather lacing around the quarter of the boot. Each lace and side panel is hand cut and trimmed to get the effect you see. All done to eye, with no dies or guides. The laces are all hand beaded, done of all of us over the coarse of a few days at our factory. 

For sure a very labor intensive boot, but the end result is something we are very proud of, and a really unique and fun style for us. Look for more variations of this boot in the coming months!

Dan Heselton