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There are countless footwear brands in the world today. But there are only a handful of brands that physically make their own product, stitch by stitch, tack by tack. 

We run a 'one of a kind' factory that produces no one else's footwear but our own. By using the very best materials from around the globe, to offering complete recrafting/soling services for every pair we sell during its life. We want to make the very best product for you, to accompany you, day in and day out, to exceed your expectations, and to be there for you wherever you choose to take us.

Born in the woods and shores of the North East United States, in what was once the global leader of shoe and boot production, not much has changed as far as we are concerned. Our shoes have been made since 1980, 1970, or 1964 depending on which one of our craftsmen or women you talk too. Our team at the factory works extremely hard to preserve the rich shoe making history in the Lewiston-Auburn area. After meeting Bill in 2011 we opened doors in 2012. Our initial patterns were taken from a very old vamp pattern one of our handsewers at the time had. Looking at our inital stlyes and comparing them to today the changes, upgrades, and corrections are remarkable. Today every pattern is still made in house. Often corrected 4-5 times after making full size runs to test fit. We use several lasts with the standard being: the "100 Last", the "Maine Last". Both are direct decendents from a very old Maine Handsewn factory that moved overseas, and have been engineered to worked perfectly with our patterns. The materials we use all speak for themselves, from Horween to Vibram, Maine Thread to Auburn Leather, we use only the best footwear compondents available, 90% of those originate in North America. 

We don't compromise on anything, we are committed to making a pair for you that fits great, wears well, and will be with you for years (with, maybe, a few resoles in between)

Why Maine Mountain Moccasin? Because it's clear in what we do, and what our product is. Hand sewn shoes and boots, made using True Moccasin construction only. Handcrafted in Maine. For your most comfortable to most rugged days, and each one in between. And now there's no question about that. 

Blog posts

Our new Ring Boot, a natural progression.
Our new Ring Boot, a natural progression.

by Daniel Heselton May 22, 2018

We've long been asked for our take on this classic moccasin style. A style as old as dirt, and typically made by grizzled old men in their backyard sheds, this is an absolutely statment piece and a tough pattern to get right. Ladies and Gents, the Ring Boot.

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Leather arriving for cutting...
Leather arriving for cutting...

by Daniel Heselton April 10, 2018

We use leather from all over, but our main tanneries are Tazman in ME and Horween in Chicago. When we get a delivery in the first step is to inspect the hides to see if any need to be rejected. There almost always are a few that are pretty much unusable for footwear. 

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