Care & Re-Crafting

MMM footwear is designed to go where you go for decades to come. We suggest ongoing conditioning of the leather and soles to help in the longevity. Any natural leather care product that is beeswax based is best. We are currently developing our own line of care products that will cover the needs of any MMM shoe you own. Sign up for our emails and follow us on Instagram to be the first to know once they are available. 

Sometimes, we demand so much from our shoes that they need some extra love. MMM gets that and we're happy to resole and repair your shoes as many times as you need. The process is simple. Contact us and let us know what shoes you have and what needs replaced/repaired. We'll let you know where to ship your shoes and what the current lead time is. Depending on style shoe, you can even change sole type or color if you want. 

Resole - $110
  • Include new sole. 
  • Leather conditioning 
Resole & Repair - $160
  • New sole
  • New foam and sock lining
  • Repairs where possible
  • New laces (if applies)
  • Leather conditioning