Built with true Moccasin construction, our shoes are hand-lasted and hand-sewn creating a shoe that will conform to the shape of your foot. You want to be sure to have a snug fit at first to allow for the natural stretch of the shoe. The width will stretch. The length will not. 

Below are general guidelines for sizing compared to other popular brands.  



Guidelines For Sizing
Camp Mocs | Loafers | Boat Shoes | Blucher Mocs | Courtside | Mohawk Boot | Scout Boot | Walk On | 7 Eyelet Boot | Mountaineer Boot | Dress Boot:
Half size down from Red Wing/Thorogood/Alden
Same size as fellow hand-sewns like Rancourt and Quoddy
Full size down from athletic sneakers 
Lazy Moccasin 
We recommended to size up in this to your typical dress shoe size. The Lazy Moc is meant to be worn a little lose.
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Same size as what you wear with Redwing/Thorogood/Alden/Rancourt/Quoddy
Half size down from athletic sneakers