Wholesale/GMTO Process & Guidelines

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Thanks for enquiring about Maine Mountain Moccasin's in store Made to Order program, or Group Made to Order program. We tried to make the process as streamlined as possible and part of that is communicating several details off top, in order set your expectations and ensure this is the right choice for you and/or your business vs normal Wholesale buying.


GMTO sampling is charged at full retail pricing. In the past we've seen that some MTO's will fall through, for whatever reason it happens. Charging full retail on any samples ensures that we cover costs put into the product. Once entered into production, the agreed upon cost will apply of course, weather it is a GMTO discount or wholesale pricing. 

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Material & Availability 

One of the best parts of MTO's is the ability to chose from a wide range of materials for uppers, soles, midsoles, hardware, and all components of the shoe or boot. An inherent part of choosing any material is lead time from our vendors. We have seen 2-3 month waits from some tanneries, some outsoles that are on the market we may not be able to get or a new supplier may take a while to get set up and actually shipped to us. There are some great alternatives to tannery direct products, for instance http://maverickleathercompany.com has a ton of Horween lower grade leathers that work well for MTO. On that same note http://www.frankfordleather.com is a great place for outsoles, heels, and other hardware that we can normally get pretty readily. There's so many directions to go, and as far as lead times,we just want to make sure expectations are measured and we are meeting or exceeding them. Email us with specific questions.

Order Process & Delivery

Order timing will really depend on the volume of pairs and how long you will be running MTO on the style you have created. For GMTO's not on a wholesale level, we require that all orders be held until the time frame of the GMTO completes. The orders can then be sent on one PO, and we will manufacture like we would any wholesale order. MTO's at retail can either be held and sent in the same way, as a group at the end of a timeframe, or can be sent weekly. If sent weekly Fridays are best, that way the production order can be ready for Monday the following week, and we can check for materials and place our orders (if need be) Monday too. Below you will find our standard PO format. 

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As stated before, time frames can really range depending on materials needed, but plan on 4-6 weeks in order to set your customers expectations realistically.