Womens Mohawk Trail Boot Crepe-Tan Cavalier

Womens Mohawk Trail Boot Crepe-Tan Cavalier


The Mohawk Trail began as a Native American trade route which connected Atlantic tribes with others in Upstate New York and beyond. It is a pivotal part of New England history and even to this day is as beautiful as it is rugged. Based off early handsewn moccasin hunt boots, our Mohawk Trail boot is a terrific boot for Fall & Winter. With double needle stitched quarter panels that are set high on the vamp to improve water resistance, beautiful Horween Cavalier leather, handsewn crepe outsole for excellent traction in all conditions, and a unique overcast stitch to start and finish the handsewing, this is one of our favorite boots we've released to date.

Each stitch is sewn by a craftsmen or women with over 20 years experience making footwear. True moccasin construction allows a shoe to wrap, shape, and mold to your foot and will only get more and more out of it the longer you have and wear them. The vamp and kicker are hand sewn by awl and needle, not prepunched or ORL stitched like 90% of other handsewns on the market. This allows the shoe to be crafted onto the last, and the handsewer uses their skill to adjust and fit the shape, so that each shoe starts out a bit different, and ready to take the shape of your foot uninhibited by the lack of flexibility you find on a lasted shoe.

Horween Tan Cavalier

Made in Maine Threads

Double needle stitching

Handsewn Crepe Wrap for ultimate comfort

Full leather midsole

Blake/McKay construction

Raw Hide Leather laces

Each pair comes in with a reusable small tote bag made in house by us. If in stock (add to cart option shown) product will ship within 48 hrs. If "made to order", please email us for estimated ship date. Current lead times are 3 weeks or so. 

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